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Other Services

At Hickmans we are very experienced in preparing papers for provisional/detailed assessments and also, under the new Costs Budgeting region, for CCMCs. Our Costs Lawyers are more than happy to attend court on behalf of our clients as sole Advocates or in conjunction with the Fee Earner and/or Counsel.

Detailed Assessment Hearings

If CADR is not accepted and the Opponents wish to continue down the detailed assessment route then Hickmans have many years experience of attending Detailed Assessment Hearings either along with the conducting Fee Earner or as sole Advocates.  A full written report will be prepared following the hearing.

Attendance at CCMCs

Following the introduction of Costs Budgets, Hickmans have gained a great deal of experience in attending CCMCs to deal specifically with the issue of costs.  We aim to work closely with our clients, Counsel and any Experts to ensure that all the necessary documentation/Bundles are ready prior to any CCMC.  Mr Stephen Hickman is our Advocate for attending CCMCs either as a sole Advocate or in conjunction with the conducting Fee Earner.

Hickmans will also prepare the agreed Costs Budget following any CCMC ready for signing and lodging with the Court.

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