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Bill Preparation

The work undertaken by a Costs Lawyer is both chargeable to a client and recoverable in principle within the litigation, either as costs of action or as costs within the detailed assessment process.

Bills of Costs

Once a matter has settled, Hickmans will fully analyse the full file of papers along with any WIP/Ledger in order to prepare a Bill of Costs together with any accompanying Schedules in readiness for service upon the Paying Party.  If a case was issued, the accompanying N252 will also be prepared.  Extreme care is taken to ensure all costs recoverable inter-partes are included within the Bill.  Once the Bill has been approved and Endorsement Certificate signed, Hickmans can (if so wished) serve the Bill and all accompanying papers upon the otherside and thereafter deal with negotiations in the hope of settling costs as expediently as possible.

Costs Budgets (Precedent H)

A Costs Budget will normally be required at the stage of the first CCMC and if necessary can be updated throughout the course of the matter for any subsequent CCMCs.  Hickmans will fully review the file referencing with any WIP/Ledger for all work done and with the experience gained over the last 30 years, estimate future costs to conclusion of the matter.  Hickmans will also work closely with Counsel and Experts to obtain estimations of their future costs.  To accompany the Costs Budget a Assumptions Document will also be prepared.

Court of Protection Bills

We deal with all types of Court of Protection matters to include Deputy Appointment applications and General Management costs.  When preparing the Bills, the files are fully analysed together with any WIP/Costs Ledger to ensure that all costs are included.

Criminal Bills

We deal with all types of criminal matters to include Magistrates Court and Crown Court.  Our Costs Lawyers ensure that they are up to date with all costs issues relating to criminal matters and aim to complete the necessary documentation expediently to ensure our clients are paid as quickly as possible.

Legal Aid Agency Forms

The Family Department has extensive experience in preparing all types of LAA forms including CLAIM1s and CLAIM1As for all Legal Aid and family law matters.  Great care is taken to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients whether this be by way of the fixed fee scheme or if necessary preparing a full Bill of Costs (all dependant on the date of the Legal Aid Certificate and the costs involved).  Hickmans also prepare High Costs Case Plans and are conversant with the new Events style Case Plans.

Hickmans are also trained and fully prepared for the new CCMS (Client & Costs Management System) for when the LAA implement the new system.

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